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Voice actressing

2011-01-12 01:32:10 by Kitala

I'm currently not doing any VAing. Sorry! There seems to be a recent uprising in the amount of people PMing me, which is why I'm announcing the established hiatus of my VAing. You'll all have to stick with Rina or find someone else, and there ARE other female voice actors. The workload for this semester, the extracurriculars, having a boyfriend again, and maintaining a social life are all pretty redic. to juggle...throw on VAing, and it's just not worth it. Besides, I'm cursed anyway. Half the shit I participate in doesn't make it to NG...more than half even. It's all good. Forgive me and such.


2010-12-08 21:34:18 by Kitala

Is a time-consuming bitch. Legit.

Your penis

2010-09-19 01:32:04 by Kitala

The Bank of Kitala is an exclusive folder with an expanding number of users every day who all share the common goal of desiring their penis to be a part of a "club" of sorts! With The Bank of Kitala, you construct your own penis-plan ranging from a "Secret Show" to a "Public Stickam Announcement." You have the choice to keep your penis pictures private and locked away in the Vault portion, or shown to stickam on a basis of about once a month, depending on the demand, in the Free File portion. Here at the Bank of Kitala, we want you to love your penis as much as Kitala loves penises. We want you to be proud of your penis. Users who have used The Bank of Kitala have shared these messages,

"Kitala's had my penis for a while now and hasn't shown it to anybody. Now that my penis has made public appearances on numerous occasions, I have no problem with her admitting it." -Goryblizzard

"Showing you my penis was a really free-ing experience! I feel like I've done something risky without having done much at all." -Secret User

"I just like feeling like I'm a part of a bigger newgrounds gallery." -Secret User

So, if you want to feel special, get feedback, feel free, or just be a part of something bigger than a micro level populus---bank your penis with The Bank of Kitala today!

Your penis


2010-08-22 18:46:09 by Kitala

Well I moved back into uni about a week and a half ago for RA training and it's been pretty fucking rediculous. I've been such a busy bee and, not like it matters, but I've taken a short hiatus from assimilating into the newgrounds community. I'll be back soon, because I know you all miss me so much...especially on stickam. But until then I suppose I'll be busy pushing 12 hour training days, getting wasted on weekends, and hooking up with slutty boys.

That's life, kids. That's life.


Remember when...

2010-07-27 20:08:50 by Kitala

I looked like this? I'm sure a good 90% of you didn't even know me when this was my picture on newgrounds. For those who did know me, I bet about 80% or more thought I was an alt or a cowardly easily harassed/scared little girl. It was my picture somewhere around the time of me getting UOTD, which was 9/19/07. Not too far off from when I signed up. Lucky me, eh?

Regardless! What I'm getting at is that it's been a pretty nice while here on newgrounds and it's quite amazing how far I've come. From being active in 2001, to signing up in 2007, to going on Stickam and learning to love you all for the idiots you are, to attending 2 meets, and even hanging out with a few different members outside of meets.

How far do you think you've come as a person on newgrounds? Think you've come out of your shell more? Changed your posting style? Become a more active contributor in the site's content? Discuss. I'm very interested in your responses--and it's not even sarcasm!

I also want a lipring again. Feel free to throw your opinion in on that bit too if you so choose.

Remember when...


2010-05-03 23:34:45 by Kitala

So I'm updating this NJ Meat thing. Check out the thread if you're interested!
Just read the whole thing, or at least my posts, as some details change.

Quick bit:
It's July 15-17, with the main day being on the 16th. It's at Point Pleasant beach in NJ.
It's far from camden and it's a wealthier chill. :P 52664

This is the possible list of attendees

Jercurpac (maybe)
Keith (if he can find a place to stay)
Sensationalism (maybe)
AlphaCentauri (maybe)
Tateos (maybe)
DrClay (maybe)
Psycho-Pickle (maybe)
ChocEliteBar (probably)



2010-03-14 23:19:15 by Kitala

Short, sweet, and to the point. The NYC meet was awesome. I had so much fun I can hardly even begin to tell the wonderful stories. All of the pics I have gathered are on my facebook page and there are so many more to come with Jonas gets to that. It was an overall splendid experience, minus the freezing rain.

Which brings me to my next point

I'm hosting a NJ meet. Follow the link because I'm not retyping everything haha 52664


2010-02-21 17:16:28 by Kitala

Yay for being an old fart.
I seriously believe ages 19 and 20 shouldn't exist and it should go from 18 to 21
because this age is sooo pointless I'm not a teenager any longer and yet I can't do anything fun
I may as well still be a teenager but I won't be so fuckyou.

I have a facebook now.
Add me so I can sex you all up.
I also have a birthday thread (a pretty amazing one too) thanks to Keith :] <3
Sexy thread of sexyness

I am overjoyed and undersexed
stimulate me


Well well

2010-02-13 18:32:20 by Kitala

It's been a long time since I've made a news post,
and since my last one reached 150+ comments (mostly shika)
I've decided to post a new one.

Today, I met Timmy. He was an awesome person to hang out with.
I hope that he was not scared away by my huge penis or my lack of tits.
We walked around and saw a dinosaur and went mountain climbing on Mt. Everest.
We came back and I serenaded him with my banjo and poetry about vaginas.
We trolled NG and watched a movie.
We had many lols and it was epic, IMO.

Overall, Timmy was really funny and easy to get along with. We have the same or at least similar sense of humor. And he wasn't even awkward a bit like one would expect from a NGer or a NG meet. I sincerely hope he goes to the NYC meet and/or at least comes over again because I really had fun. Oh, except this time I'll think of fun stuff to do. :P Sorry, Timmy!

Anyway yeah. :) Good times.
It makes me look forward to the meet even more now!

5/5 10/10 20830/1

NYC Meet

2009-11-27 14:08:44 by Kitala

I'm saving to go.
My goal is like $350.
Jamie is NOT A TWAT. be he still cant go.
Shikamarana'd better go, if he knows what's good for him.
I hope like hell Tom will go.
I'm rooming with DeLuca.
I wish Rig would room with us.
I wish Rig's mic would room with us.
I shouldn't have to train alone, as far as I think/hope.
The rooms booked.
I'm excited.
I'm banking on sexytiems.
You should go. :)

if you're not coming but considering
check out the thread about it!