Entry #50

Voice actressing

2011-01-12 01:32:10 by Kitala

I'm currently not doing any VAing. Sorry! There seems to be a recent uprising in the amount of people PMing me, which is why I'm announcing the established hiatus of my VAing. You'll all have to stick with Rina or find someone else, and there ARE other female voice actors. The workload for this semester, the extracurriculars, having a boyfriend again, and maintaining a social life are all pretty redic. to juggle...throw on VAing, and it's just not worth it. Besides, I'm cursed anyway. Half the shit I participate in doesn't make it to NG...more than half even. It's all good. Forgive me and such.


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2011-01-12 01:36:47

Dont be sorry about anything. Your decision. Be proud of it. Though...I dont know you, I bet you have a lovely voice?

Kitala responds:

thanks..the demos on my page


2011-01-12 03:48:12

I'm sure we'll here from you again sooner or later, until then... good luck with life Kit!

Kitala responds:



2011-10-02 09:14:04

Dude, WTF, I read a post from you, click on your sig that says, "My penis," and what do I get? Some cute chick. WHAT THE FUCK YOU DECEIVING N****R!?

Kitala responds:

Hmm--link must be broken.


2015-04-26 10:48:36


Kitala responds: